Drainage District Assessments

There are more than 200 drainage districts within Hardin County. Property owners within the district, not the County, own and pay for all maintenance and repairs to that district. A contractor hired by the Trustees will do the work and will be paid by the district.
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Drainage districts are not assessed on a regular basis. They are assessed once the drainage funds are depleted, which will occur when there is work completed within the district. These assessments are made to pay for contractor costs, engineering costs, damages, etc. Depending on the amount of work required in the district, some are assessed every two years while some may be 50 years or more.

Assessments or classification of land in a drainage district are based on the benefit that the land receives, or could potentially receive, from being in the district. Typically land near the bottom of the district or adjacent to a district ditch or tile will pay more than lands at the top of the district or not as close to district facilities. 

Drainage Maps
Drainage maps show where property is located within the district watershed area and its relation to the ditches and tiles. To view the available maps online, Search Drainage District GIS Website (Beacon).

For More Information

For more information on Iowa drainage districts and assessments, visit the Iowa State Association of County Auditors website.