Pioneer Cemetery Commission

About the Commission

The Hardin County Pioneer Cemetery Commission was formed in 1996 to identify all the "Pioneer" cemeteries within Hardin County. This meant determining the cemeteries in which there had been fewer than six burials in the previous fifty years. The commission found fifteen cemeteries that met this criteria.

After these cemeteries were identified, the commission was charged with the repair to and the management of these cemeteries. Some were in relatively good condition, but five were overgrown with weeds and brush and most of the grave stones were either broken or laying down. By 2004, most of the stones had been repaired and reset and the brush had been cleared.

Signs have been constructed and erected on the roadside near the location of each cemetery. Seven of the cemeteries are located varying distances from the signs and are not visible from the road.

The Hardin County Pioneer Cemetery Commission was formed under Hardin County Ordinance No. 20. Funding for the commission comes from the General Fund of Hardin County. The supervisors may levy annually a tax not to exceed 6 3/4 cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.

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Pioneer Cemetery Commission Members

Each person serves a three-year term:
  • George Butler
    Steamboat Rock
  • Cristine Birks
    Iowa Falls
  • Edna Lyman
    Iowa Falls
  • Curt Groen
  • Kathy Houck

Cemetery Information

K.D. Burkett has photographed all the Pioneer cemeteries and has helped prepare a multimedia slide show presentation which the commission would be happy to present to any interested groups. The Pioneer Cemetery Commission has also placed multimedia presentational CD-ROMs in all Hardin County public libraries for those interested in further information about Hardin County Pioneer Cemeteries.