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  1. hiring


    Hardin County Conservation is seeking a full-time seasonal employee. Read on...
  2. Winter-Cover-for-pheasants

    Ten Pheasant Food Plot Questions Answered

    Food plots can be established almost anywhere, but to maximize the impact for your local pheasant population, a little extra thought will go a long way. Additional Info...
  3. Girl Scouts Bugs

    Thanks to Eldora/South Hardin Girls Scouts

    Thanks to the Eldora/South Hardin Girl Scouts for coming out to earn their bug badges in October 2019. We caught predacious diving beetles, dragonfly nymphs, damselfly nymphs, scuds, water boatmans, and backswimmers in the nature center pond. Read on...
  4. No Pets

    Please - No Pets At Calkins

    As you enter the driveway at Calkins Nature Area, there are signs that say "No Pets." As much as we would love to have your pets visit us, we do not allow pets for a number of reasons. Read on...
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